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  1. Some prominent cultured plant cell lines, such as the BY-2 cell line of tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum cv. ‘Bright Yellow 2’) and the T87 cell line of Arabidopsis (Arabidopsis thaliana L. Heynh., ecotype Columbia) ar...

    Authors: Shinjiro Ogita, Taiji Nomura, Takao Kishimoto and Yasuo Kato
    Citation: Plant Methods 2012 8:40
  2. Phytophthora cinnamomi Rands. is an important root rot pathogen widely distributed in the north hemisphere, with a large host range. Among others diseases, it is known to be a principal factor in the decline of h...

    Authors: Francisco J Ruiz-Gómez, Rafael Sánchez-Cuesta, Rafael M Navarro-Cerrillo and Alejandro Pérez-de-Luque
    Citation: Plant Methods 2012 8:39
  3. Long distance signaling is a common phenomenon in animal and plant development. In plants, lateral organs such as nodules and lateral roots are developmentally regulated by root-to-shoot and shoot-to-root long...

    Authors: Tessema K Kassaw and Julia A Frugoli
    Citation: Plant Methods 2012 8:38
  4. Starch is the most important source of calories for human nutrition and the majority of it is produced by cereal farming. Starch is also used as a renewable raw material in a range of industrial sectors. It ca...

    Authors: Massimiliano Carciofi, Andreas Blennow, Morten M Nielsen, Preben B Holm and Kim H Hebelstrup
    Citation: Plant Methods 2012 8:36
  5. Although Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) marker is an invaluable tool for positional cloning, association study and evolutionary analysis, low SNP detection efficiency by Allele-Specific PCR (AS-PCR) stil...

    Authors: Jing Liu, Shunmou Huang, Meiyu Sun, Shengyi Liu, Yumei Liu, Wanxing Wang, Xiurong Zhang, Hanzhong Wang and Wei Hua
    Citation: Plant Methods 2012 8:34
  6. The plant hormone auxin, indole-3-acetic acid (IAA), plays important roles in plant growth and development. The signaling response to IAA is largely dependent on the local concentration of IAA, and this concen...

    Authors: Xing Liu, Adrian D Hegeman, Gary Gardner and Jerry D Cohen
    Citation: Plant Methods 2012 8:31
  7. Quantification of leaf movement is an important tool for characterising the effects of environmental signals and the circadian clock on plant development. Analysis of leaf movement is currently restricted by t...

    Authors: Ralph Bours, Manickam Muthuraman, Harro Bouwmeester and Alexander van der Krol
    Citation: Plant Methods 2012 8:29
  8. Sterols and Sphingolipids form lipid clusters in the plasma membranes of cell types throughout the animal and plant kingdoms. These lipid domains provide a medium for protein signaling complexes at the plasma ...

    Authors: Jörg O Blachutzik, Fatih Demir, Ines Kreuzer, Rainer Hedrich and Gregory S Harms
    Citation: Plant Methods 2012 8:28
  9. Understanding protein and gene function requires identifying interaction partners using biochemical, molecular or genetic tools. In plants, searching for novel protein-protein interactions is limited to protei...

    Authors: Kenneth Wayne Berendzen, Maik Böhmer, Niklas Wallmeroth, Sébastien Peter, Marko Vesić, Ying Zhou, Franziska KatharinaElisabeth Tiesler, Frank Schleifenbaum and Klaus Harter
    Citation: Plant Methods 2012 8:25
  10. Recent progress in cassava transformation has allowed the robust production of transgenic cassava even under suboptimal plant tissue culture conditions. The transformation protocol has so far been used mostly ...

    Authors: Ima M Zainuddin, Kim Schlegel, Wilhelm Gruissem and Hervé Vanderschuren
    Citation: Plant Methods 2012 8:24
  11. Cowpea (Vigna unguiculata L.) is an important grain and forage legume grown throughout sub-Saharan Africa primarily by subsistence farmers on poor, drought prone soils. Genetic improvement of the crop is being ac...

    Authors: Karolina E Mellor, Ava M Hoffman and Michael P Timko
    Citation: Plant Methods 2012 8:22
  12. Striga species are noxious root hemi-parasitic weeds that debilitate cereal production in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). Control options for Striga are limited and developing Striga resistant crop germplasm is regarde...

    Authors: Steven Runo, Sarah Macharia, Amos Alakonya, Jesse Machuka, Neelima Sinha and Julie Scholes
    Citation: Plant Methods 2012 8:20
  13. Information about a transgene locus is one of the major concerns in transgenic research because expression of the transgene or a gene interrupted by the integration event could be affected. Thus, the flanking ...

    Authors: Joung Sug Kim, Jiye Kim, Tae-Ho Lee, Kyong Mi Jun, Tea Hoon Kim, Yul-Ho Kim, Hyang-Mi Park, Jong-Seong Jeon, Gynheung An, Ung-Han Yoon, Baek Hie Nahm and Yeon-Ki Kim
    Citation: Plant Methods 2012 8:19
  14. Microarrays are routine tools for transcript profiling, and genomic tiling arrays such as the Arabidopsis AGRONOMICS1 arrays have been found to be highly suitable for such experiments because changes in genome...

    Authors: Marlen Müller, Andrea Patrignani, Hubert Rehrauer, Wilhelm Gruissem and Lars Hennig
    Citation: Plant Methods 2012 8:18
  15. We have developed a new analytical approach for isolation and quantification of cytokinins (CK) in minute amounts of fresh plant material, which combines a simple one-step purification with ultra-high performa...

    Authors: Jana Svačinová, Ondřej Novák, Lenka Plačková, René Lenobel, Josef Holík, Miroslav Strnad and Karel Doležal
    Citation: Plant Methods 2012 8:17
  16. Seed transmission constitutes a major component of the parasitic cycle for several fungal pathogens. However, very little is known concerning fungal or plant genetic factors that impact seed transmission and m...

    Authors: Stephanie Pochon, Emmanuel Terrasson, Thomas Guillemette, Beatrice Iacomi-Vasilescu, Sonia Georgeault, Marjorie Juchaux, Romain Berruyer, Isabelle Debeaujon, Philippe Simoneau and Claire Campion
    Citation: Plant Methods 2012 8:16
  17. Genetic resources available for Arabidopsis thaliana make this species particularly attractive as a model for molecular genetic studies of guard cell homeostasis, transport and signalling, but this facility is no...

    Authors: Zhong-Hua Chen, Cornelia Eisenach, Xin-Qin Xu, Adrian Hills and Michael R Blatt
    Citation: Plant Methods 2012 8:15
  18. We have developed a novel assay based on the ability of type I sucrose uptake transporters (SUTs) to transport the fluorescent coumarin β-glucoside, esculin. Budding yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) is routinely ...

    Authors: Peter J Gora, Anke Reinders and John M Ward
    Citation: Plant Methods 2012 8:13
  19. Large-scale genetic screens in Arabidopsis are a powerful approach for molecular dissection of complex signaling networks. However, map-based cloning can be time-consuming or even hampered due to low chromosomal ...

    Authors: Kun-hsiang Liu, Matthew McCormack and Jen Sheen
    Citation: Plant Methods 2012 8:12
  20. Accurate quantification of xylem sap ABA concentrations is important to underpin models of root-to-shoot ABA signalling to predict the physiological effects of soil drying. Growing tomato plants in a whole pla...

    Authors: Andrew G Netting, Julian C Theobald and Ian C Dodd
    Citation: Plant Methods 2012 8:11
  21. Cytosine methylation is involved in epigenetic control of gene expression in a wide range of organisms. An increasing number of examples indicate that changing the frequency of cytosine methylation in the geno...

    Authors: Sachiko Arase, Megumi Kasai and Akira Kanazawa
    Citation: Plant Methods 2012 8:185

    The Erratum to this article has been published in Plant Methods 2015 11:21

  22. The ability to quantify the geometry of plant organs at the cellular scale can provide novel insights into their structural organization. Hitherto manual methods of measurement provide only very low throughput...

    Authors: Andrew P French, Michael H Wilson, Kim Kenobi, Daniela Dietrich, Ute Voß, Susana Ubeda-Tomás, Tony P Pridmore and Darren M Wells
    Citation: Plant Methods 2012 8:7
  23. Arabidopsis NPR1 is a master regulator of systemic acquired resistance. NPR1 binds to TGA transcription factors and functions as a transcriptional co-activator. In rice, NH1/OsNPR1 functions to enhance innate ...

    Authors: Mawsheng Chern, Wei Bai, Wing Hoi Sze-To, Patrick E Canlas, Laura E Bartley and Pamela C Ronald
    Citation: Plant Methods 2012 8:6
  24. As a result of the growing body of protein phosphorylation sites data, the number of phosphoprotein databases is constantly increasing, and dozens of tools are available for predicting protein phosphorylation ...

    Authors: Shufu Que, Kuan Li, Min Chen, Yongfei Wang, Qiaobin Yang, Wenfeng Zhang, Baoqian Zhang, Bangshu Xiong and Huaqin He
    Citation: Plant Methods 2012 8:5
  25. The repeated weekly subculture of plant cell suspension is labour intensive and increases the risk of variation from parental cells lines. Most of the procedures to preserve cultures are based on controlled fr...

    Authors: Anne-Marie Boisson, Elisabeth Gout, Richard Bligny and Corinne Rivasseau
    Citation: Plant Methods 2012 8:4
  26. Hyperspectral imaging (HSI) offers high potential as a non-invasive diagnostic tool for disease detection. In this paper leaf characteristics and spectral reflectance of sugar beet leaves diseased with Cercospora

    Authors: Anne-Katrin Mahlein, Ulrike Steiner, Christian Hillnhütter, Heinz-Wilhelm Dehne and Erich-Christian Oerke
    Citation: Plant Methods 2012 8:3
  27. Simultaneous analysis of multiple functional-related phytohormones and their metabolites will improve our understanding of interactions among different hormones in the same biologic process.

    Authors: Hongbo Liu, Xianghua Li, Jinghua Xiao and Shiping Wang
    Citation: Plant Methods 2012 8:2
  28. Carotenoids are the most widespread group of pigments found in nature. In addition to their role in the physiology of the plant, carotenoids also have nutritional relevance as their incorporation in the human ...

    Authors: Djédoux Maxime Angaman, Rocco Petrizzo, Francesc Hernández-Gras, Carmen Romero-Segura, Irene Pateraki, Montserrat Busquets and Albert Boronat
    Citation: Plant Methods 2012 8:1
  29. Rice genome sequencing projects have generated remarkable amount of information about genes and genome architecture having tremendous potential to be utilized in both basic and applied research. Success in tra...

    Authors: Khirod K Sahoo, Amit K Tripathi, Ashwani Pareek, Sudhir K Sopory and Sneh L Singla-Pareek
    Citation: Plant Methods 2011 7:49
  30. Proteins in the plant apoplast are essential for many physiological processes. We have analysed and compared six different infiltration solutions for proteins contained in the apoplast to recognize the most su...

    Authors: Katja Witzel, Muhammad Shahzad, Andrea Matros, Hans-Peter Mock and Karl H Mühling
    Citation: Plant Methods 2011 7:48
  31. Pea has lagged behind other model legumes in the molecular study of nodulation and mycorrhizae-formation because of the difficulty to transform its roots and its poor growth on agar plates. Here we describe fo...

    Authors: Scott R Clemow, Lindsey Clairmont, Lene H Madsen and Frédérique C Guinel
    Citation: Plant Methods 2011 7:46
  32. In Arabidopsis thaliana we demonstrate that dying root hairs provide an easy and rapid in vivo model for the morphological identification of apoptotic-like programmed cell death (AL-PCD) in plants. The model desc...

    Authors: Bridget V Hogg, Joanna Kacprzyk, Elizabeth M Molony, Conor O'Reilly, Thomas F Gallagher, Patrick Gallois and Paul F McCabe
    Citation: Plant Methods 2011 7:45
  33. Targeted Induced Loci Lesions IN Genomes (TILLING) is increasingly being used to generate and identify mutations in target genes of crop genomes. TILLING populations of several thousand lines have been generat...

    Authors: Seosamh Ó Lochlainn, Stephen Amoah, Neil S Graham, Khalid Alamer, Juan J Rios, Smita Kurup, Andrew Stoute, John P Hammond, Lars Østergaard, Graham J King, Phillip J White and Martin R Broadley
    Citation: Plant Methods 2011 7:43
  34. To simulate expected future global warming, hexagonal arrays of infrared heaters have previously been used to warm open-field canopies of upland crops such as wheat. Through the use of concrete-anchored posts,...

    Authors: Muhammad Ishaq Asif Rehmani, Jingqi Zhang, Ganghua Li, Syed Tahir Ata-Ul-Karim, Shaohua Wang, Bruce A Kimball, Chuan Yan, Zhenghui Liu and Yanfeng Ding
    Citation: Plant Methods 2011 7:41
  35. Accurate analysis of DNA methylation by bisulphite sequencing depends on the complete conversion of all cytosines into uracil. Until now there has been no standard or universal gene identified as an endogenous...

    Authors: Jing Wang, Chongnan Wang, Yan Long, Clare Hopkins, Smita Kurup, Kede Liu, Graham J King and Jinling Meng
    Citation: Plant Methods 2011 7:39

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