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Fig. 6

From: Protocol: a method to study the direct reprogramming of lateral root primordia to fertile shoots

Fig. 6

Confocal time lapse imaging of hourly resolution during LRP to shoot transition. af Time-lapse imaging showing PLT2-vYFP expression during the early hours of LRP to shoot conversion. f PLT2-vYFP expression is undetectable at 24 h on DSIM. gl Gradual disappearance of pSCR::H2B-vYFP expression upon DSIM treatment. l 66 h of DSIM treatment leads to the loss of pSCR::H2B-vYFP expression from LRP. mr Induction of pWUS::erCFP on 24 h of DSIM treatment. Red signal is propidium iodide stain. Scale bar 50 µm

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