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Table 1 PDS silencing in B. distachyon

From: Investigations of barley stripe mosaic virus as a gene silencing vector in barley roots and in Brachypodium distachyon and oat

  Symptoms Plants with symptoms
Expt. 1a S 5/12
PDS V 6/12
Expt. 1b S 4/10
PDS V 5/10
Expt. 2 S 10/22
PDS V 3/22
Expt. 2 S 0/22
GFP V 16/22
Expt. 3 S 20/28
PDS V 5/28
Expt. 3 S 0/28
GFP V 23/28
  1. Virus symptoms and PDS silencing in B. distachyon leaves 3 weeks after inoculation with BSMV-BdPDS or BSMV-GFP375.
  2. S: plants displaying photobleaching (silencing) as well as virus symptoms. V: plants displaying virus symptoms only. Plants in experiment 1b were inoculated with BSMV-T4-BdPDS, otherwise BSMV-USER-BdPDS was used. Plants were inoculated at 11 (expt. 1), 14 (expt. 2), or 19 (expt. 3) days after sowing.