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Table 2 Comparison of the SPD protocol with other SNP genotyping methods.

From: Reliable allele detection using SNP-based PCR primers containing Locked Nucleic Acid: application in genetic mapping

Method Accuracy Cost Modification Complexity Detection equipment/chemicals Reference
SPD High Low LNA base at 3' end Low Standarda this paper
FRET High Medium Fluorescence Medium Optical system [16]
BAMPER Medium High Bioluminescence High PPi assay, Luminometer, Amplifier and Recorder [28]
PAMSA Medium Low Internal nucleotide mismatch Medium Standard [31]
SNaPshot High Very High Fluorescence Medium Sequencer [32]
AFLP High Medium 33P or Fluorescence Medium Acrylamide gel or sequencer, Restriction enzymes [33]
  1. aStandard; consisting of sequencer, thermocycler and agarose gel electrophoresis equipment, FRET; fluorescence resonance energy transfer, PAMSA; PCR amplification of multiple specific alleles, BAMPER; bioluminometric assay using a modified primer extension reaction, PPi; sodium pyrophosphate decahydrate, AFLP; amplified fragment length polymorphism. Assessment of accuracy, cost, complexity of techniques and data interpretation, and robustness follow the criteria proposed by Kofiadi and Rebrikov [34].