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Table 2 Summary of ILSA and other protocol/tools

From: An integrated isotopic labeling and freeze sampling apparatus (ILSA) to support sampling leaf metabolomics at a centi-second scale

  Manual protocol [27] Freeze clamping [26] ILSA
Sampling mode Manual Pneumatic Automatic
Freezing mode Freezing with LN2
Time of sampling (\({\tau }_{s}\)) ~ 10 s 0.1 s 0.05 s
13C turnover time ~ 3 s N.A. ~ 0.60 s
Air flow 5 L min−1 1 L min−1 1–6 L min−1
Leaf chamber (area/volume) 39.5 cm2/380 mL culture box 8 cm2/~ 16 mL chamber 16 cm2/~ 30 mL semi-open chamber
[CO2] control 50–10,000 ppm
Dynamic light ×  × 
Light intensity External 0–2000 μmol·m−2·s−1 0–1200 μmol m−2 s−1
Humidity control ×  × 
Portability Embedded in workbench Desktop Independent and movable
Extensibility Unavailable Single use Can be connected in series or parallel