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Table 1 Plant material and phenotypic kernel characteristics of 19 sorghum inbred lines evaluated in this study

From: Application of X-ray computed tomography to analyze the structure of sorghum grain

Genotype Pericarp Color Mesocarp Thickness Testa Layer Presence References
Ajabsido White Thick Yes [28]
BOK11 White Thick No [29]
BTx2928 White Thick No [30]
BTx378 Red Thick No [31]
BTx399 Red Thick No [31]
BTx642 Yellow Thick No [32]
BTxArg-1 White Thin No [33]
Dorado White Thin No [34]
FC6601_Spur Feterita White Thick Yes [35]
ICSV400 White Thin No [36]
ICSV745 White Thin No [37]
RTx2536 White Thin No Rosenow, unpublished data, (1964)
RTx430 White Thin No [38]
SC103-12E (IS12170C) Red Thin Yes Rosenow, unpublished data, (1970)
SC283 (IS7173C-TAM) White Thin No Rosenow, unpublished data, (1972)
Standard Early Hegari (SN106) White Thick Yes [39]
Sureno White Thin No [40]
TAM2566 Red Thin Yes [41]
Texas Blackhull Kafir (SN59) White Thick No [31]