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Table 5 cross combination of loquat polyploid

From: Genotyping of polyploid plants using quantitative PCR: application in the breeding of white-fleshed triploid loquats (Eriobotrya japonica)

Type Cross Abbreviation
4x × 2x B431 × ‘GF’ BG hybridization
  B432 × ‘BTZ’ BT hybridization
  B456 × ‘HB1’ BH hybridization
  H424 × ‘HB1’ H4H hybridization
2x × 4x ‘GF’ × B431 GB hybridization
  ‘BTZ’ × B432 TB hybridization
  ‘HB1’ × B456 HB hybridization
  ‘HB1’ × H424 HH4 hybridization