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Table 1 Lsmeans of AP@[.5:.95] in the ANOVA analysis for Mask R-CNN model parameters minimask and the interaction of training set size x total number of epochs

From: DeepCob: precise and high-throughput analysis of maize cob geometry using deep learning with an application in genebank phenomics

Minimask   Lsmeans
No   79.95a
Yes   48.17b
Size of training set Total number of epochs Lsmeans
200 200 72.63a
200 50 69.97ab
1000 50 64.37bc
1000 200 64.17abc
1000 15 62.38bc
200 15 56.51c
  1. Mean values that share a common letter are not significantly different (p < 0.05). Individual p-values of comparisons are in Additional file 1: Tables S2 and S3