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Table 1 Closer investigation of genes with scores > 2 and genes with scores < 0.8

From: Reference-based QUantification Of gene Dispensability (QUOD)

PANTHER protein classes (padj < 0.05) of genes with scores > 2
 Small GTPase (PC00208) 4.21E−05
 Defense/immunity protein (PC00090) 4.24E−05
 Antimicrobial response protein (PC00051) 5.24E−05
 G-protein (PC00020) 4.05E−04
 Protein class (PC00000) 2.04E−03
 Unclassified 2.44E−03
 Protein-binding activity modulator (PC00095) 3.72E−02
PANTHER protein classes (padj < 0.05) of genes with scores < 0.8
 Extracellular matrix structural protein (PC00103) 5.40E−06
 Extracellular matrix protein (PC00102) 1.14E−05
 Unclassified 2.68E−05
 Protein class (PC00000) 3.57E−05
 Metabolite interconversion enzyme (PC00262) 3.04E−02
GO biological process terms (padj < 0.05) of genes with scores > 2
 Cellular p (GO:0009987) 2.62E−08
 mp (GO:0008152) 4.62E−07
 Cellular mp (GO:0044237) 2.85E−06
 Primary mp (GO:0044238) 2.37E−05
 Organic substance mp (GO:0071704) 3.02E−05
 Regulation of cellular mp (GO:0031323) 9.82E−04
 Regulation of biosynthetic p (GO:0009889) 9.92E−04
 Regulation of cellular biosynthetic p (GO:0031326) 1.04E−03
 Regulation of cellular macromolecule biosynthetic p (GO:2000112) 2.27E−03
 Regulation of macromolecule biosynthetic p (GO:0010556) 2.52E−03
 Regulation of primary mp (GO:0080090) 2.90E−03
 Macromolecule mp (GO:0043170) 2.93E−03
 Regulation of nitrogen compound mp (GO:0051171) 4.53E−03
 Regulation of RNA mp (GO:0051252) 4.69E−03
 Positive regulation of biological p (GO:0048518) 4.89E−03
 Response to organic substance (GO:0010033) 4.91E−03
 Positive regulation of cellular p (GO:0048522) 6.62E−03
 Regulation of RNA biosynthetic p (GO:2001141) 6.67E−03
 Regulation of mp (GO:0019222) 6.72E−03
 Regulation of nucleobase-containing compound mp (GO:0019219) 6.74E−03
 Regulation of nucleic acid-templated transcription (GO:1903506) 6.95E−03
 Developmental p (GO:0032502) 7.01E−03
 Response to hormone (GO:0009725) 7.25E−03
 Regulation of transcription, DNA-templated (GO:0006355) 7.27E−03
 Response to oxygen-containing compound (GO:1901700) 7.53E−03
 Anatomical structure development (GO:0048856) 7.62E−03
 Nitrogen compound mp (GO:0006807) 1.25E−02
 Response to endogenous stimulus (GO:0009719) 1.48E−02
 Regulation of gene expression (GO:0010468) 2.91E−02
 System development (GO:0048731) 3.44E−02
 Regulation of macromolecule mp (GO:0060255) 3.45E−02
 Cellular lipid mp (GO:0044255) 4.10E−02
 Clathrin coat disassembly (GO:0072318) 4.14E−02
 Multicellular organismal p (GO:0032501) 4.19E−02
 Vesicle uncoating (GO:0072319) 4.26E−02
GO biological process terms (padj < 0.05) of genes with scores < 0.8
 Cellular p (GO:0009987) 6.35E−07
 mp (GO:0008152) 1.35E−06
 Organic substance mp (GO:0071704) 8.49E−06
 Cellular mp (GO:0044237) 2.92E−05
 Nitrogen compound mp (GO:0006807) 5.35E−04
 Primary mp (GO:0044238) 5.76E−04
 Macromolecule mp (GO:0043170) 3.82E−03
 Organonitrogen compound mp (GO:1901564) 9.67E−03
 Localization (GO:0051179) 4.87E−02
  1. Significantly enriched PANTHER protein classes (padj < 0.05) as well as significantly enriched GO biological process terms (padj < 0.05) are shown
  2. p: process; mp: metabolic process