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Table 1 Walnut morphological traits measured by the workflow

From: 3D characterization of walnut morphological traits using X-ray computed tomography

Morphological trait Symbol Description Unit
 Nut length L The largest length of the nut from the base to the end mm
 Nut face diameter F The largest longitudinal section of the nut through suture mm
 Nut profile diameter P The largest longitudinal section of the nut perpendicular to suture mm
 Nut volume Vn Total volume of the nut, Vn = Vs + Vk + Ve mm3
 Nut shape VA3D S1 Shape factor of the nut
 Nut feret shape 3D S2 Feret shape factor of the nut
 Nut surface area A Surface area of the nut mm2
 Nut sphericity Ψ Index of nut roundness
 Shell volume Vs Volume of the shell mm3
 Shell thickness T Thickness of the shell mm
 Shell rugosity Ω Index of shell surface roughness
 Kernel volume Vk Volume of the kernel mm3
 Kernel filling ratio R Ratio of the kernel volume Vk to the total volume of the nut Vn %
Empty Space
 Empty space volume Ve Volume of the empty space mm3