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Table 2 The ten upland cotton breeding lines identified with the lowest canopy temperatures for 02-July (DOY183) and 30-July (DOY211) compared to the 10 best yielding lines in 2015 at the U. of Arizona Maricopa Agricultural Center in Maricopa Arizona, USA

From: A data workflow to support plant breeding decisions from a terrestrial field-based high-throughput plant phenotyping system

DOY183 DOY211 Best yield
0043-28-1 0043-28-1 Ark 0701-17
0045-14-5 Ark 0701-17 Ark 0705-46
Acala 1517-08 Ark 0711-2 DP1044
Ark 0705-46 GA2011004 GA2011004
Ark 0707-33 GA2009037 GA2009037
GA2010102 GA2010074 GA2010074
GA2011124 LA12306017 LA12306017
GA2009037 LA12306028 LA12306028
GA2009100 NM 13W3007 SG 105
LA12306028 PD07092 ST4946