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Table 1 Constitution of the WSC dataset

From: TasselNetv2: in-field counting of wheat spikes with context-augmented local regression networks

Hebei Gucheng (2011–2012)32482,5780661
Henan Zhengzhou (2011–2012)234118,02201462
Henan Zhengzhou (2012–2013)171104,84701331
Shandong Taian (2011–2012 Camera 1)27997,69501010
Shandong Taian (2011–2012 Camera 2)26178,8870908
Shandong Taian (2012–2013 Camera 1)23494,45401090
Shandong Taian (2012–2013 Camera 2)26198,8390971
  1. Images denote the number of images in each sequence. Spikes refer to the number of wheat spikes in each sequence. Min and Max indicate the minimum and maximum number of wheat spikes per image