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Table 4 Data collection summary

From: DeepSeedling: deep convolutional network and Kalman filter for plant seedling detection and counting in the field

Data collectionTexas A&M UniversityUniversity of GeorgiaUniversity of Georgia
LocationCorpus Christi, TX, USAWatkinsville, GA, USAWatkinsville, GA, USA
Plot length10.67 m3.05 m1.5 m
Cultivars35 commercial cultivars widely grown in TexasGenotypes in UGA breeding programs4 commercial cultivars widely grown in Georgia
Seed spacing0.08 m/seed (average)0.1 m/seed (average)0.15 m/seed
Date12 April 2015
11 days after planting, DAP
15 June 2015
11 DAP
13 June 2018
CameraSamsung Galaxy Note3Panasonic DMC-G6Fujifilm X-A10
Video configuration1920 \(\times\) 1080 @ 30 FPS1920 \(\times\) 1080 @ 60 FPS1920 \(\times\) 1080 @ 30 FPS
ISO/HDRAuto/auto160/OffAuto/not support
Average moving speed0.6 m/s0.75 m/s0.6 m/s
Number of collected videos (detection/counting)3 (2/1)6 (4/2)4 (2/2)
Number of plots per video71619