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Fig. 1

From: Methods for grafting Arabidopsis thaliana and Eutrema salsugineum

Fig. 1

Diagram of grafting technique. a, b Two Different Grafting Methods of Arabidopsis thaliana Grafted on Eutrema. Salsugineum (A/E), cut-in grafting (a) and hypocotyl–hypocotyl flat-surface cutting (b). c E/A (E. salsugineum as scions were grafted onto A. thaliana as stocks. (d) Self-grafting of E. salsugineum (E/E) and A. thaliana (A/A). The red line indicates the cutting position. Orange arrowheads point to grafting junction between the shoot and root tissue with silicone tubing support (light grey). Red arrows in (a) denote cutting or removal parts. Differences in color show different plants, blue for E. salsugineum and green for A. thaliana. Roots are not shown here

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