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Fig. 4

From: An in vitro protocol for rapidly assessing the effects of antimicrobial compounds on the unculturable bacterial plant pathogen, Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus

Fig. 4

Effects of glycerol buffer concentration on CLas viability. a, b Homogenate was prepared with saline buffer or saline buffer + 12.5% glycerol. Relative quantification of intact cells by v-qPCR from two trials shown in a with the corresponding average qPCR values of raw homogenate, light without PMAxx and light with PMAxx in b. The average viable cell signal from saline + glycerol was statistically higher than saline only in non-parametric analysis when comparing six biological replicates. c Viability of CLas cells before and after Triton-X 100 treatment was tested in homogenates with 1% and 12.5% glycerol. Values and statistical groupings (P = 0.05 in non-parametric analysis). There was no statistical change on total cell isolation (No PMAxx control), viable cell (Water/PMAxx) or lysis through detergent (Triton-X/PMAxx) between glycerol concentrations. Values shown are the average of five biological replicates

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