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Table 3 Estimated genetic correlation from the fitted multi-environment model for KME-survival and canker length in each of the two RIL mapping population

From: A hydroponics based high throughput screening system for Phytophthora root rot resistance in chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.)

 Experiment2014 rainfed2015 rainfed2015 irrigatedKME-survival
 Survival index2014 rainfed0.282   
2015 rainfed0.4420.442  
2015 irrigated0.3880.8190.454 
 Canker lengthHydroponics− 0.165− 0.221− 0.1010.642
 Survival index2014 rainfed0.883   
2015 rainfed0.890   
2015 irrigated0.8330.921  
 KME-survivalHydroponics− 0.781− 0.557− 0.662 
 Canker lengthHydroponics− 0.853− 0.597− 0.7050.917