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Fig. 3

From: Design of a comprehensive microfluidic and microscopic toolbox for the ultra-wide spatio-temporal study of plant protoplasts development and physiology

Fig. 3

a Histogram of the number of protoplasts per trap (pooled data, n = 6, 3 replicates).The blue line corresponds to a Poisson distribution with an average number λ = 3.3. b Comparative dotplots of the filling rates of the microfluidic chips, for three sets of independent experiments. The filling rate is defined as the percentage of traps for a given device containing at least one protoplast after the completion of the injection step. The filling rate is equal 87.4 ± 8.4 protoplasts per trap (pooled data, n = 6 devices, 3 replicates). c Evolution of the protoplasts survival rate in a microchip as a function of time. Day 1 corresponds to 1 O/N after protoplast loading. During the first 4 days of culture in the chip, the survival rate decreases, and it stabilizes from day 7 at 62% in average (pooled data, n = 5, 3 replicates). The red line corresponds to an exponential fit performed on the mean values of the survival rate. d Schematic representation of the gravity-driven fluid control setup and its connection to the microchip. The medium flow rate is set by the hydrostatic pressure difference between both reservoirs. To avoid debris and salt crystals going into the chamber, the incoming tubing entrance is connected to a 0.2 µm filter. e Overall view of the experimental setup. f Timeline of the culture media changes in the microchip during the first week after cell wall digestion and isolation from protonema (Day 1)

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