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Fig. 3

From: Second generation of pepino mosaic virus vectors: improved stability in tomato and a wide range of reporter genes

Fig. 3

PepGFPm2 and JLPepGFPm2 vectors and their stability in plant-to-plant passages. a GFP expression from PepGFPm2 at 10 dpi after the second and third passage in N. benthamiana plants. b Agarose gel electrophoresis of RT-PCR products from individual plants to check insert stability during PepGFPm2 passages in N. benthamiana plants; samples were taken at 10 d post inoculation (dpi). c GFP expression in N. benthamiana plants inoculated with PepGFPm2 and JLPepGFPm2 vectors at 5 dpi. A minimum of 6 plants were used per treatment, with each treatment replicated a minimum of 5 times. All infected plants showed systemic fluorescence at 7 dpi. SYS: Systemically infected leaves; PepMV-Sp13, wild type virus

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