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Table 3 Phenotypic components evaluated in this study

From: Combining self-organizing maps and biplot analysis to preselect maize phenotypic components based on UAV high-throughput phenotyping platform

Number Variable Sensor Data type Explanations
1 finPH RGB Numerical Plant height at fifth observation time point
2 finBiomass Both Numerical Fresh biomass at fifth observation time point
3 IS_flowering RGB Dichotomous Y means that the tassel has flowered, whereas N means that there is no tasseling or tassel has not flowered
4 IS_lodging Both Dichotomous Y means lodging; N means no lodging
5 tColor RGB Polytomous Three colors: green, green-yellow, and dark green
6 tGBK Polytomous Three genetic backgrounds: Mixed, temperate (TEM) and tropical-subtropical (TST)
7 dyNDVI Multispectral Numerical Converted from NDVI data across four time points
8 dyBIOVP RGB Numerical Converted from BIOVP data across five time points
9 dyAGRPH RGB Numerical Converted from AGRPH data across five time points