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Fig. 2

From: Agrobacterium rhizogenes-induced soybean hairy roots versus Soybean mosaic virus (ARISHR-SMV) is an efficient pathosystem for studying soybean–virus interactions

Fig. 2

Calluses inoculation process with SMV and back-inoculation soybean assays with hairy roots sap. a 10 days yellowish-white calluses were pricked with a fine sterile needle at black arrow position. b SDS-PAGE electrophoresis of the purified SMV strain SC15 (an asterisk indicates the positions of SMV capsid protein). c ELISA detection of SMV coat protein in un-, Mock- and virions-inoculated soybean hairy roots with diseased soybean leaves at 14 dpi. The error bars represent standard deviations with N = 10. d Accumulation of viral RNA were measured by RT-PCR at 14 dpi. e, f Plants were back-inoculated with sap from hairy roots grown from Mock- and SMV-inoculated calluses, respectively, and the photographs were taken at 14 dpi

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