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Table 6 Mean separations for mean ωn (Hz) between cultivars by video date

From: Quantifying cereal crop movement through hemispherical video analysis of agricultural plots

Cultivar 10 Jul 2017 11 Jul 2017 12 Jul 2017 13 Jul 2017 17 Jul 2017
‘AC Metcalf’ 2-row 1.41ab 1.46a 1.48a 1.25bc 1.25a
‘Conlon’ 2-row 1.27b 1.46a 1.47a 1.33abc 1.26a
‘ND Genesis’ 2-row 1.51ab 1.53a 1.50a 1.44ab 1.16a
‘Pinnacle’ 2-row 1.43ab 1.41a 1.47a 1.28abc 1.11a
‘Celebration’ 6-row 1.22b 1.48a 1.54a 1.46ab 1.14a
‘Quest’ 6-row 1.37ab 1.43a 1.43a 1.30abc 1.40a
‘Stellar’ 6-row 1.45ab 1.28a 1.54a 1.32abc 1.08a
‘Tradition’ 6-row 1.45ab 1.31a 1.32a 1.28abc 1.15a
‘Gopher’ oat 1.31ab 1.29a 1.40a 1.18c 1.03a
‘IL078721’ oat 1.55ab 1.46a 1.50a 1.41abc 1.06a
ND021052 oat 1.59a 1.36a 1.62a 1.21bc 1.15a
‘Reins’ oat 1.38ab 1.20a 1.34a 1.35abc 1.06a
‘Linkert’ wheat 1.60a 1.41a 1.48a 1.43ab 1.07a
MN113946 wheat 1.57ab 1.55a 1.56a 1.35abc 1.39a
‘Rollag’ wheat 1.39ab 1.52a 1.41a 1.64a 1.48a
‘Shelly’ wheat 1.59a 1.55a 1.60a 1.52a 1.38a
  1. Unique letters indicate significant differences between means within a video date at alpha = 0.05