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Table 11 Expected mean squares and F test calculations for parameters in Eq. 10

From: Quantifying cereal crop movement through hemispherical video analysis of agricultural plots

Source of variation Row effect Expected mean squares F value
Cultivar Κ 2C σ 2e  + σ 2CxP(PD)  + Κ 2C 2CxP(PD)  + Κ 2C )/σ 2CxP(PD)
PlantingDate Κ 2PD σ 2e  + σ 2P(PD)  + Κ 2PD 2P(PD)  + Κ 2PD )/σ 2P(PD)
Pos (PlantingDate) σ 2P(PD) σ 2e  + σ 2P(PD) σ 2P(PD) 2e
Cultivar * PlantingDate Κ 2CPD σ 2e  + σ 2CxP(PD)  + Κ 2PC 2CxP(PD)  + Κ 2CPD )/σ 2PxR(C)
Cultivar * Pos (PlantingDate) σ 2CxP(PD) σ 2e  + σ 2CxP(PD) σ 2CxP(PD) 2e
Residuals σ 2e σ 2e