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Table 2 Overview of three groups of image alignment methods including feature-point (FP) matching, phase correlation (PC) and image intensity (mutual) information (INT) image features and corresponding MATLAB functions used for calculation of pairwise image correspondences

From: Comparison and extension of three methods for automated registration of multimodal plant images

Method Feature MATLAB function References
PC Phase correlation imregcorr [15,16,17]
INT Mutual information imregtform [28,29,30,31,32]
FP:BRISK Corners detectBRISKFeatures [38]
FP:FAST Corners detectFASTFeatures [7]
FP:Harris Corners detectHarrisFeatures [9]
FP:KAZE Blobs detectKAZEFeatures [39]
FP:MinEigen Corners detectMinEigenFeatures [8]
FP:MSER Intensities detectMSERFeatures [11]
FP:SURF Blobs detectSURFFeatures [12]
  1. All methods are used with the ‘similarity’ option, which restricts the class of possible image transformations to a combination of global rotation, scaling and translation