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Table 5 Processing steps with corresponding parameter settings in Agisoft Photoscan software for generation of orthophotos and DEMs from UAV imagery

From: Improved estimation of aboveground biomass in wheat from RGB imagery and point cloud data acquired with a low-cost unmanned aerial vehicle system

Task Parameter setup
Aligning image Accuracy: high
Pair selection: generic
Key points: 40,000
Tie points: 4000
Building mesh Surface type: height field
Source data: dense cloud
Face count: high
Positioning guided marker Manual positioning of markers on the even 7 GCPs for all the photos
Optimizing cameras Default settings
Building dense point cloud Quality: high
Depth filtering: mild
Building texture Mapping mode: Generic
Blending mode: Mosaic
Texture size/count: 4096
Building DEM Surface: Mesh
Other parameters: default
Building orthomosaic Surface: Mesh
Other parameters: default