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Fig. 7

From: Spatial referencing of chlorophyll fluorescence images for quantitative assessment of infection propagation in leaves demonstrated on the ice plant: Botrytis cinerea pathosystem

Fig. 7

Explanation of the error in B-spline image registration of PAM images. a The mismatch of control point location mapping during registration, b image intensity distribution of spline registered control point, \(P_{i} ,\;i = 1, \ldots ,N\)—control point in the fixed image \(I_{F}\), \(Q_{i}\)—the equivalent of control point \(P_{i}\) in the moving image \(I_{M}\), \(R_{i}\)—mapping of the control point \(P_{i}\) after registration, \(R_{i} P_{i} =\Delta r_{i}\)—displacement error measure of mapping the control point \(P_{i}\), \(A_{i}\)—blurred region around \(R_{i}\) corresponding to the control point \(P_{i}\), \(\rho_{i}\)—the standard deviation radius of \(R_{i}\) blur

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