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Table 5 Definitions of three plant height-related metrics this study used for biomass estimation

From: Modeling maize above-ground biomass based on machine learning approaches using UAV remote-sensing data

Variable Formula (method) Description References
CRR \({\text{CRR}} = \frac{{PH_{{mean}} - PH_{{10\% {\text{min}}}} }}{{PH_{{10\% {\text{max}}}} - PH_{{10\% {\text{min}}}} }}\) Metric to describe the relative shape of the canopy in forestry studies [19, 20]
PHkri kernel thinning and Kriging spatial interpolation Plant-height metric  
BIOVP \({\text{BIOVP}} = \sum\nolimits_{{\text{i}}}^{{\text{N}}} {S*PH_{{\text{i}}} }\) Volume metric to estimate crop biomass within certain spatial ranges