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Fig. 3

From: Molecular identification of a root apical cell-specific and stress-responsive enhancer from an Arabidopsis enhancer trap line

Fig. 3

Detection of reporter expression in an Arabidopsis line only transformed with Ertip1 + 35Smini:GUS or :GFP. Plant expression vectors harboring respectively Ertip1-, Ertip1 + 35Smini-, Ertip2-, Ertip2 + 35Smini- and Ertip3-fused GUS or GFP were constructed and their corresponding transgenic Arabidopsis (Col-0) lines were generated (till T2 or T3 generation, see “Methods” section). The enhancer/promoter activity was indicated by the GUS expression assayed via GUS-staining of transgenic plants grown on agar-plates (for 8 d) or pot-soil (over 2 months) (see “Methods” section). Except for the line transformed with Ertip1 + 35Smini:GUS (termed here as PErtip1+35Smini:GUS), the GUS expression could not be detected in any tissue/organ of lines harboring respectively other individual constructs (data not shown). GUS-indicated enhancer/promoter activity was not detectable in flower organs and seeds of PErtip1+35Smini:GUS plants (data not shown). a The primary root (PR). b A mature zone of the PR. c The lateral root. d Plant upper parts (e.g. leave and hypocotyl). Green fluoresce observation of the PR tip of PErtip1+35Smini:GFP containing line (e) and J3411 (f). GUS, β-glucuronidase. A bar scale = 100 μm for af; the bar in 3 mm for d

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