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Table 1 List of terms and corresponding symbols used in photography with digital frame cameras and related input and output categories in the software PhenoFly Planning Tool

From: PhenoFly Planning Tool: flight planning for high-resolution optical remote sensing with unmanned areal systems

Term Symbol \(\rightarrow\) Input/\(\leftarrow\) output
 Sensor size (x/y-axis) \(S_{x'}, \; S_{{y'}}\) \(\rightarrow\) Sensor/lens
 Number of recorded pixels (x/y-axis) \(S_{{a}}, \; S_{{b}}\) \(\rightarrow\) Sensor/lens
 Distance between pixel centers \(S_{\delta }\) \(\leftarrow\) Sensor/lens
 Circle of confusion limit c \(\leftarrow\) Sensor/lens
 Focal length f \(\rightarrow\) Sensor/lens
 Aperture (f-number) N \(\rightarrow\) Sensor/lens
 Angle of view (x/y-axis) \({\text {AOV}}_x, \; {\text {AOV}}_y\) \(\leftarrow\) Photography
 Hyperfocal distance H \(\leftarrow\) Photography
 Diffraction limit d \(\leftarrow\) Photography
 Flight height h \(\leftrightarrow\) Imaging
 Ground field of view (x/y-axis) \(G_x, \; G_y\) \(\leftarrow\) Photography
 Ground sampling distance \({\text {GSD}}\) \(\leftrightarrow\) Imaging
 Focus distance s \(\leftarrow\) Photography
 Depth of field (near/far) \(D_{{\text {N}}}, \; D_{{\text {F}}}\) \(\leftarrow\) Photography
 Exposure value EV \(\rightarrow\) Imaging
 Shutter speed \(I_{t}\) \(\rightarrow\) Imaging
 Film speed ISO \(\leftarrow\) Imaging
 Maximum photo trigger frequency \({I_{f, \max }}\) \(\rightarrow\) Sensor/lens