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Fig. 2

From: Anther culture in rice proportionally rescues microspores according to gametophytic gene effect and enhances genetic study of hybrid sterility

Fig. 2

Microscopic observations of pollen semi-sterility caused by S1 and S19 in the heterozygous state. ae Mature pollen stained with I2-KI solution in a S 1 g /S 1 s heterozygotes, b S 1 g homozygotes, c O. sativa ‘Taichung65’ (S 1 s and S 19 s homozygotes), d S 19 g /S 19 s heterozygotes, and e S 19 g homozygotes. Bar, 50 µm. f Pollen fertility exhibited by each genotype of S1 and S19 loci. Error bars indicate standard errors. Different lowercase letters between bars indicate significant differences at the 5% level (Welch’s t test corrected by Bonferroni’s method). g Aberrant microspores (indicated by the arrowhead) of S 1 g /S 1 s heterozygotes stained with acetocarmine at the late uninucleate stage. Bar, 10 µm

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