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Table 1 A detailed explanation of the experiments done with plants at Zadok’s stage 39–42. Spring experiments occurred between March and April, while summer experiments occurred between August and September

From: Whole plant chamber to examine sensitivity of cereal gas exchange to changes in evaporative demand

Experiment Question No of genotypes No of reps VPD Approx. time per measurement Period
Exp. 1 Is there genetic diversity in whole plant gas exchange at a single VPD? 7 (Wheat) 5–6 2.5 kPa 15 min Spring 2017
Exp. 2 Does whole plant iWUE vary in response to VPD? 4 (Wheat and Barley) 2–3 0.75–4 kPa 3–4 h Spring 2017
Exp. 3 Are results robust across experiments at different times of year? 4 (Wheat and Barley) 2–3 0.5–3.75 kPa 3–4 h Summer 2017
Exp. 4 What is the mechanism behind Az34 response to ABA spraying? 2 (Barley) 4–5 1.5 kPa 7 min; sampling Spring 2018