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Table 3 Transcriptional modulation of selected cowpea targets transcripts in the accessions and treatments analyzed

From: Cowpea and abiotic stresses: identification of reference genes for transcriptional profiling by qPCR

Gene Unitag name Root dehydration Salt stress (NaCl, 100 mM)
Tolerant accession (Pingo de Ouro) Sensitive accession (Santo Inácio) Tolerant accession (Pitiúba) Sensitive accession (BR14-Mulato)
FC Reg. (*) FC Reg. (*) FC Reg. (*) FC Reg. (*)
VuChiB Cp1020 5.10 UR − 1.09 ns 1.20 ns 4.40 UR
VuLTP Cp1050 11.21 UR − 1.94 DR 2.80 UR − 7.90 DR
VuCHI Cp1131 5.65 UR 1.15 ns 1.20 ns 9.50 UR
VuCHS Cp2022 47.70 UR 13.70 UR 2.20 UR 1.40 ns
  1. Reg. (gene regulation); FC [Fold change: measure describing how much a quantity changes going from an initial (control) to a final value (treatment)]; UR: (up-regulated); DR: (down-regulated); ns (not significant at the level of p ≤ 0.05). Vu (Vigna unguiculata); VuCHiB (chitinase B); VuLTP (lipid transfer protein); VuCHI (chalcone isomerase); VuCHS (chalcone synthase)
  2. *Gene regulation at the level of p ≤ 0.05