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Table 1 Comparison of DiNAR with most similar tools available

From: DiNAR: revealing hidden patterns of plant signalling dynamics using Differential Network Analysis in R

App name App type Type of visualisation Network type import Import of exp. datasets Built-in clustering Built-in filtering Export formats Technical operability
DiNAR Stand-alone web app Interactive: dynamic & Static Preprocessed cytoscape, TSV text, ... (subApps) YES YES (DiNAR subApps clustering) Stat. significance, node weight, min.node degree, cluster/gene ID Interactive: dynamic & static; log, TSV, GraphML YES
AIM [3] Online Static database NAp NO NAp ND ND NO
CyLineUp [4] Cytoscape 3 plugin Noninteractive static Cytoscape YES NO Stat. significance (p value) Noninteractive static YES
DyNet [5] Cytoscape 3 plugin Semi-interactive static Condition specific NO YES (heatmap) ND Noninteractive static YES
DyNetviewer [6] Cytoscape 3 plugin Coarse dynamic text YES YES Gene expression, SD Text YES
Diffany [7] Cytoscape 3 plugin Noninteractive static Cytoscape NO NO Edge weight Noninteractive static YES
PCSF [8] R package Interactive static Edge list YES YES Functional enrichment Igraph YES
iNID [9] Online Static NAp YES YES p values logFC ND NO
  1. exp. experimental, NAp not applicable, ND not possible to determine, SD standard deviation, technical operability accesibility at the time of testing, TSV tab separated values