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Table 2 Efficiency of root transformation of C. arietinum (cultivar Annigeri) with different bacterial suspension media

From: Genotype-independent Agrobacterium rhizogenes-mediated root transformation of chickpea: a rapid and efficient method for reverse genetics studies

Bacterial suspension media Total number of explants inoculated Explants with antibiotic selection positive roots (%)
MS salt** 50 72.50 (± 2.5)a*
Water** 50 73.33 (± 3.8)a
  1. Each value represents the mean of three independent experiments with standard deviation (SD). Approximately 50 seedlings were examined for each individual experiment
  2. Values in the same column followed by same letter showed no significant difference among different suspension medium (Fisher’s LSD test, P < 0.05)
  3. **Co-cultivation was done at 22 °C for 4 days