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Table 1 List of the most representatives morphological characters that are described within the current methodology

From: Description of olive morphological parameters by using open access software

Parameter Description
Area \((\text {cm}^2)\) Area inside the polygonal line-contour
Perimeter (cm) Total length of the polygonal line-contour
Hght (cm) Height: length between the topmost and bottomost point of each contour
MaxTrDiam (cm) Longest segment perpendicular to the height
MinCntTr (cm) Minimum distance between the height and the contour in MaxTrDiam
VerSym Describes the ratio of the position of the MaxTrDiam by the height
TrSym Describes the ratio of the MinCntTr by the MaxTrDiam
ShIdx Shape Index: Height/MaxTrDiam
ApCur Mean curvature of the apex
BasCur Mean curvature of the base
Circ Circularity: dimensionless shape descriptor based on the contour perimeter
NippleIdx Presence or not of a nipple in a fruit (1:YES, 0:NO)
BladeHgt (cm) Length of the leaf without the petiole
TipCur Mean curvature of the leaf tip curve
StArConv Area convexity; describes the surface roughness of the endocarp
MinCentCnt (cm) Minimum distance between the centre of mass and the contour
MaxCentCnt (cm) Largest distance between the centre of mass and the contour
DiamInscrCir (cm) Largest diameter of the inscribed circle
DiamMinBdCir (cm) Largest diameter of the minimum bounding circle