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Table 1 A list of published 2D imaging systems with reported measured variables for whole Arabidopsis rosettes (top-down images)

From: A “Do-It-Yourself” phenotyping system: measuring growth and morphology throughout the diel cycle in rosette shaped plants

Phenotyping system Measured variables Imaging sensors Background References
Growscreen Fluoro PRA, stockiness, leaf count, convex hull, chlorophyll fluorescence VIS, FLUO Soil [8]
Lab Scanalyzer (Lemnatec) PRA, chlorophyll content and fluorescence, leaf angle, several morphometric parameters VIS, NIR FLUO Soil, plates [4, 22]
OSCILLATOR Leaf length, leaf movement NIR Soil [27]
Rosette Tracker PRA, rosette diameter compactness, stockiness, rosette temperature VIS, TIR Soil [21]
PhenoPhyte PRA VIS Soil [28]
Not named PRA, rosette diameter, compactness VIS Soil [29]
Leaf colour segmentation PRA, convex hull VIS Soil [30]
HPGA PRA, leaf area, leaf count, leaf length, growth modelling analysis FLUO Soil [31]
Easy leaf area PRA VIS Soil [32]
Not named PRA, compactness, stockiness VIS, NIR Black (agar plates) [20]
PlantScreen (PSI) PRA, chlorophyll fluorescence, several morphometric parameters VIS, FLUO Soil [33]
MSU-PID pipeline for leaf segmentation, leaf counting and leaf tracking Depth, VIS, NIR, FLUO Black (plants in soil) [34]
Phenovator PRA, chlorophyll content and fluorescence VIS (filtered), FLUO Black (hydroponics) [23]
Phenotiki PRA, leaf length, rosette diameter, compactness, stockiness, leaf count VIS Soil [5]
RosettR PRA VIS White (agar plates) [24]
  1. Commercial system providers are shown in parenthesis
  2. VIS visual spectrum, NIR near-infrared, FLUO fluorescence, PRA projected rosette area