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Fig. 4

From: Nano-mechanical characterization of the wood cell wall by AFM studies: comparison between AC- and QI™ mode

Fig. 4

a Overview of the cell corner (3 × 3 µm2) imaged in QI™ mode. bd 1 × 1 µm2 height-, corresponding, eg Young’s Modulus images and hj histograms. k Bar chart summarizing the Young’s Modulus values of the distinct cell wall layers. The transition was scanned from b the S2 to d the compound middle lamella. All images are set to the same scale, the radial direction points from right to left. The histograms show the distribution of Young’s Modulus over the 1 × 1 µm2 image. CC cell corner, CML compound middle lamella, S 1 , S 2 different layers of the secondary cell wall

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