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Fig. 2

From: The Microphenotron: a robotic miniaturized plant phenotyping platform with diverse applications in chemical biology

Fig. 2

The robotic platform. a Line diagram showing the arrangement of the main elements of the Microphenotron. Note that a second illuminated shelf, with similar lighting and temperature conditions as the upper shelf, has been installed underneath the bench to double the number of assay plates that can be run at any one time. For imaging these, the assay plates on their plate-holders are moved to the upper shelf. The upper and lower shelves can hold up to three plate-holders, giving a capacity on each shelf of 27 assay plates in their growth boxes. b View of one end of the robotic platform showing a set of nine growth boxes in position, the robot in its resting position and the imaging station with its two cameras for imaging the Phytostrips and the side. c A close-up of the imaging station with a Phytostrip being presented by the robot for automated imaging by the two cameras, which are controlled by the same PC that operates the robot. The custom-made aluminium fingers that the robot uses to lift the Phytostrip can be clearly seen. d Image showing the dual-purpose fingers being used to remove a growth box before starting to collect individual Phytostrips for imaging. The robot is shown in the process of placing a box in the drop-off zone at the end of the plinth furthest from the imaging station

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