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Fig. 3

From: Harnessing anthocyanin-rich fruit: a visible reporter for tracing virus-induced gene silencing in pepper fruit

Fig. 3

Co-silencing of PDS and An2 in NMH leaf. a Two week-old plants were agroinfiltrated to the abaxial side of the cotyledons with Agrobacterium cultures of pTRV1/pTRV2::GFP (control), pTRV1/pTRV2::PDS, and pTRV1/pTRV2::PDS::An2. PDS/An2-silenced plants resulted in photobleaching and a lack of purple pigment, whereas PDS-silenced plants were characterized by purple pigmentation under white leaves 5 weeks post-infiltration. b In the qRT-PCR analysis, An2 expression level in the leaves of PDS/An2-silenced plants was generally lower than those in the control or PDS-silenced plants. However, PDS expression level remarkably decreased in PDS/An2- and PDS-silenced plants compared to the control. Data indicate relative expression compared to the control. All the qRT-PCRs were performed using three biological replicates. Data are shown as mean ± SE. The different letters indicate significant difference (P ≤ 0.05) by Duncan test

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