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Table 1 Candidate reference genes selected for testing

From: Selection of reference genes for diurnal and developmental time-course real-time PCR expression analyses in lettuce

Gene symbol Definition Arabidopsis thaliana homolog locus tag References Lettuce Genbank ID
UBQ1 Putative ubiquitin extension protein AT3G52590.1 [41] NM_129273.4
UBQ7 Ubiquitin-like protein RUB2 AT2G35635 [36] NM_129118
ACT2 Actin 2 At3g18780 [5] AK317453.1
ACT12 Actin protein coding 12 At3G46520 [37] BT005073.1
TUA-3 Tubulin alpha-3 At5g19770 [38] BT000718.1
GAPDH Glyceraldehyde 3-phosphate dehydrogenase, cytosolic At1g13440 [5, 37, 40] AK317337.1
UBC9 Ubiquitin conjugating enzyme 9 At4g34270 [39] AF325019.2
TIP41 TIP41-like protein AT4G34270 [5, 11, 39, 42] NM_119592.4
PP2AA3 Protein phosphatase 2A regulatory subunit A3 At1g13320 [5, 39] BT002601.1
PP2A-1 Protein phosphatase 2A-1 At1g59830 [5] AY096543.1