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Table 1 Information types annotated in LEAFDATA

From: LEAFDATA: a literature-curated database for Arabidopsis leaf development

Category Example Number
Phenotype The venation in each as2 leaf lamina was bilaterally asymmetrical 6559
Gene expression YAB3 is detected in the abaxial regions of the developing leaves 4617
Feature the AP2/EREBP domain of LEP is located close to the N-terminus of the protein 731
DNA–protein interactions BES1 binding to the promoter of SAUR-15 151
Protein–protein interaction AtCul1 … co-immunoprecipitated with … myc-tagged ASK1 345
Genetic interaction se quantitatively and qualitatively enhanced the lobing of as1 … leaves 382
Process CYCD3;1 … important for the initiation of cell division at the G1 phase in leaves 348
Regulation of gene expression we conclude that STM negatively regulates AS1 171
Regulation of process WRKY53, is an important positive regulator of senescence 206
Regulation of phenotype NEK6 … promotes biomass levels 42
  1. Ten major classes of information are curated in our database. Examples of these categories and number of statements are shown here