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Table 3 Summary of differences between tactics for the total area on day 51, after adjustment for the total area on day 21

From: Accounting for variation in designing greenhouse experiments with special reference to greenhouses containing plants on conveyor systems

  Same lane Half lane Next lane
Predicted averageab 70.76 79.29 63.08
Standard errorsc 2.037 2.129 1.570
CV (%)d 22.5 20.5 16.6
  1. aAn approximate LSD (5%) is 2.46.
  2. bEach prediction is for the average value at both (i) the centre of a lane and (ii) the mean value for total area on day 21.
  3. cThe standard errors give an indication of the variability of the predicted averages, but LSDs are required to judge whether pairs of predicted averages are different. The standard errors are proportional to the fitted standard deviations for the different tactics.
  4. dThe coefficients of variation (CV) measure the variability of individual plants.