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Table 1 Multi-color Gateway-compatible entry clones

From: Emission spectra profiling of fluorescent proteins in living plant cells

Fluorescent proteins Recipient pDONR Entry clone att sites
Dendra pDONR P4-P1R pEN-L4-Dendra-R1 attB4-attB1
pDONR221 pEN-L1-Dendra-L2 attB1-attB2
pDONR221 pEN-L1-Dendra*-L2 attB1-attB2
pDONR P2R-P3 pEN-R2-Dendra*-L3 attB2-attB3
Venus pDONR P4-P1R pEN-L4-Venus-R1 attB1-attB2
pDONR221 pEN-L1- Venus -L2 attB1-attB2
pDONR221 pEN-L1- Venus *-L2 attB1-attB2
pDONR P2R-P3 pEN-R2- Venus *-L3 attB2-attB3
mCherry pDONR P4-P1R pEN-L4-mCherry-R1 attB4-attB1
pDONR221 pEN-L1- mCherry -L2 attB1-attB2
pDONR221 pEN-L1- mCherry *-L2 attB1-attB2
pDONR P2R-P3 pEN-R2- mCherry *-L3 attB2-attB3
TagRFP pDONR P4-P1R pEN-L4-TagRFP-R1 attB4-attB1
pDONR221 pEN-L1- TagRFP -L2 attB1-attB2
pDONR221 pEN-L1- TagRFP *-L2 attB1-attB2
pDONR P2R-P3 pEN-R2- TagRFP *-L3 attB2-attB3
Cerulean pDONR P4-P1R pEN-L4-Cerulean-R1 attB4-attB1
pDONR221 pEN-L1- Cerulean -L2 attB1-attB2
pDONR221 pEN-L1- Cerulean *-L2 attB1-attB2
pDONR P2R-P3 pEN-R2- Cerulean *-L3 attB2-attB3
  1. * indicates STOP codons.