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Table 2 Modified Hoagland solution

From: Novel scanning procedure enabling the vectorization of entire rhizotron-grown root systems

Component   Stock Solution mL/1L
2M KNO3   202g/L 2.5
2M Ca(NO3)2 × 4H2O   236g/0.5L 2.5
FeEDTA   15g/L 1.5 × 2 = 3
2M MgSO4 × 7H2O   493g/L 1
1M NH4NO3   80g/L 1
Minors:    1
  H3BO3 2.86g/L  
  MnCl2 × 4H2O 1.81g/L  
  ZnSO4 × 7H2O 0.22g/L  
  CuSO4 0.051g/L  
  H3MoO4 × H2O or 0.09g/L  
  Na2MoO4 × 2H2O 0.12g/L  
1M KH2PO4   136g/L 0.5
(pH 6.0 w/ 3M KOH)    
  KOH 3M 168,3g/L  
  1. Composition of the modified Hoagland solution. Iron content (FeEDTA) has been doubled.