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Figure 8

From: Plant lighting system with five wavelength-band light-emitting diodes providing photon flux density and mixing ratio control

Figure 8

Distributions of SPFDs, PFD, and PPFD and forward current I F s for the far-red LED type. Uniformly controlled SPFD distributions at 3 μmol m–2 s–1 nm–1 within the area of x = ±30 cm and y = ±15 cm at z = 17.3 cm at λp = 405 nm (A), 460 nm (B), 630 nm (C), 660 nm (D), and 735 nm (E) are depicted. Distribution of PFD (F) and PPFD (G) when the lighting system irradiated the uniform SPFD distribution (AE) are also presented. The PFD declination along the x direction was improved by supplying greater IF values to the outermost modules’ LEDs (H).

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