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Figure 7

From: Poinsettia protoplasts - a simple, robust and efficient system for transient gene expression studies

Figure 7

Quantitative promoter activity studies in Poinsettia protopolasts. Protoplasts were transfected with a synthetic promoter-GUS reporter gene construct containing the VIP1 response element (VRE1; fused to minimal CaMV35S promoter) alone or in combination with a construct driving overexpression of YFP fusion proteins to a) the transcription factor VIP1 or b) the membrane-retained VIP1 variant (VIP1-myr), see also figure S6 c) After overnight incubation, GUS activity of protoplast extracts was quantified and normalised to total protein amounts. Comparable transformation efficiencies were documented by UV microscopy. Given are mean values and standard deviations of GUS activity (n _ 6).

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