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Table 2 External links and cross references

From: Exploration of plant genomes in the FLAGdb++ environment

Database Scope and targets Website URL
ABRC Arabidopsis biological resource center
Arabidopsis-TF Classification of transcription factors (At)
Aramemnon Membrane protein database (At, Os)
ATOMEdb ORFeome resource (At)
CATdb CATMA Transcriptome database (At)
eFP Browser Transcriptome database (At, Os, Pt)
GABI-Kat GABI Arabidopsis T-DNA mutants
GenBank DNA and protein repository at NCBI
GeneFarm Manually annotation of families (At)
Genevestigator Transcriptome database (At)
Genoscope Genoscope Genome Browser (Vv)
IJPB INRA Arabidopsis insertion mutants
InterPro Classification of protein families
JGI DOE Joint Genome Institut (Pt)
KOG Clusters of Orthologous Groups (Pt)
MAtDB Arabidopsis genome at MIPS
PDB Protein structure Data Bank
PFAM Conserved motifs in protein families
RAP-DB Rice Annotation Project Database
SwissProt Manually annotation of proteins
TAIR The Arabidopsis Information Resource
URGI INRA Genome Browser (Vv)
  1. The cross-references with complementary databases are proposed to the users in the 'Link to...' pop-up menus associated with the concerned features.