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Figure 3

From: A simple and efficient micrografting method for stably transformed Nicotiana attenuata plants to examine shoot-root signaling

Figure 3

Molecular analysis of leaves and roots of grafted plants transformed with different RNAi and overexpression constructs. (A) TPI (normally expressed only in scions) transcript levels of leaves (scions) of intact or grafted WT and irTPI-silenced plants. (B) PMT (normally expressed only in roots) transcript levels of roots (rootstocks) of intact or grafted WT and irPMT-silenced plants. (C) TPS transcript levels of leaves (scions) and roots (rootstocks) of intact or grafted WT and ovTPS-overexpressing plants, in which a TPS from Z. mays was ectopically expressed behind a 35S promoter. Bars sharing same letters do not significantly differ (Kruskal-Wallis test followed by Fisher's PLSD, n = 5).

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