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Figure 5

From: Convergence of developmental mutants into a single tomato model system: 'Micro-Tom' as an effective toolkit for plant development research

Figure 5

Lines near isogenic to MT harboring wild type alleles for DWARF ( D ), SELF-PRUNING ( SP ) and UNIFORM RIPENING ( U ) genes. (A) MT plant harboring the D allele still shows a reduced size (as compared to common cultivars), but does not show rough leaves and is significantly bigger than MT harboring the d allele. (B) The wild Sp allele in the MT background produces taller plants due to the extended growth of its vegetative apices, which denotes the indeterminate growth habit in opposition to the determinate one conferred by sp. The plants shown are of same age. Note the presence of leaves between inflorescences in Sp. (C) Plants harboring the U allele develop fruits with a green shoulder. The pale bright color of MT fruits is probably a result not only of the u mutation, but also uniform gray-green (ug).

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