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Figure 1

From: Convergence of developmental mutants into a single tomato model system: 'Micro-Tom' as an effective toolkit for plant development research

Figure 1

Phenotype of hormone mutants introgressed into cv. Micro-Tom (MT). Leaf phenotype of MT (A), dgt (B), epi (C), pro (D), gib3 (E) and dpy (F). (G) Reduced gravitropic response and lateral root formation in 10-day old seedlings of the auxin mutant dgt when compared to MT. (H) Severe epinasty of the ethylene overproducer mutant epi in the MT background resulting in a phenotype where stems are hardly observable. (I) When growing in 200 ppm ethrel (an ethylene-releaser), MT seedlings show short roots and hypocotyls with exaggerated hook, a phenotype not observed in the ethylene low sensitive Nr. (J) Nr also shows incomplete ripening, producing yellow fruits. (K) Phenotype of pro with increased stem elongation and navel fruits (L). (M and N) Phenotypes of gib2 (M) and cu3 (N), with severe plant size reduction and leaf expansion inhibition compared to MT. (O) ABA deficiency in notabilis leads to wilting during the hottest hours of the day. (P) Precocious germination (vivipary) in sit seeds within the fruit. A description of hormone alterations involved in each mutant can be found on Table 1. Ruler in (H), (J), (K), (M), (N) and (O) = 15 cm.

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