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Table 4 Method overview.

From: Proposal for field sampling of plants and processing in the lab for environmental metabolic fingerprinting

Step in processing Most suitable result with:
Pre-treatment processing of fresh plant material
Grinding handheld disperser, speed of 15,000 min-1
Extraction: solvent mixture 2:1 methanol:dichloromethane
Extraction: efficiency threefold extraction:
  1. extraction step at untreated pH 6,
  2. extraction step pH 2,
  3. extraction step pH 9
Extraction: influence of time first extraction step for one week
Extraction: influence of temperature ambient temperature
Shaking and phase separation shaking after the extracts of all three extraction
  steps were pooled
Storage of samples storage of completely processed extracts until analysis at 4°C
  1. Representation of most suitable method (highest reproducibility and handling comfort) for every processing step for metabolic fingerprinting of plant material (Plantago lanceolata) sampled in the field.